My Beginnings


     Although I was raised in a nurturing home in San Francisco, it was in a completely secular context removed from any spiritual belief or practice. I pursued classical violin with a passion from a very early age and traveled through Europe, Scandinavia, and East Asia performing with various Youth Orchestras on my violin. At the age of 18, I joined the New Haven Symphony Orchestra while completing a Bachelor's degree at Yale University. Although, I was generally happy, deep in my soul, I felt a great emptiness. Then, in my junior year, an unexpected event took place that triggered my first spiritual awakening. The course of my life was soon to change forever, both spiritually and musically.

My Awakening 


     I was driving along the highway, on my way to study at the Santa Barbara Music Festival, when, without warning, the front wheel of my car flew off its axis, flipping the car over several times and leaving me unconscious. Suddenly it was clear to me that I had entered another world. I strongly felt the presence of my dear friend who had passed away and began hearing the sweetest, most captivating, heavenly sound. Listening intently, it formed into the sound of a violin. I realized It was the sound of myself playing the violin; it was the sound of the music of my own soul.




     After I came to, I began a journey of self-healing through melody, singing and music. I began to feel a profound new awareness of the interconnectedness of my soul, voice vibration and body. I began to sing for the first time in my life and write songs. Singing while I played the violin accelerated my healing and created a new musical life for me. I broke free of the classical music style and entered into the world of improvisation, jazz, minimalist, and avant-garde music. The next several years I continued to develop my art, combining movement, song and violin. All the while my body grew healthier and my soul brighter; yet, still, there remained a very deep void within me, even in the midst of my success, that would not allow me total peace. During this period, I composed a performance art piece (in which I played the violin with a lit torch at the end of my bow, hanging from a trapeze) and toured from SF to Portland, New Zealand, Ireland, and finally India. In India I met a wise woman (from Germany) with long blonde dreadlocks who lived in a cave. She helped me realize what I was lacking and where I would find it.




     Meanwhile, my Mom, who loves the land of Israel, was traveling to there and urged me to join her. I happily agreed. Unknown to me at the time, I was returning home, to the very root of my soul. When I arrived, I connected with a religious Jewish family and stayed over for the Holy Day of Shabbat.  When I heard the traditional songs sung around the table they sounded familiar to me. I began to realize that I had come to the land of my ancestors and that I needed to stay here and learn more about this meaningful heritage. My soul began to find the peace that It was so craving. It wasn’t long before I found myself praying to G-d with all my heart to take me back into His service and connect me to the traditional ways of the ancient Jewish practices. Settling into a new life in Israel, I continued to make music, but this time it was in praise and thanks to our Creator.




Since then I live in Israel, moving from Jerusalem to Tsfat, to Tiveria and finally homesteading, and homeschooling my children in the Judean Hills. I teach violin and flute and continue to  perform (still thinking about hanging a trapeze somewhere!). I have collaborated and performed extensively with the amazing singer/songwriter Tziona Achishena, toured and recorded with her. My latest project is with the talented drummer and DJ Rachel Gusovsky, called Haleluhu. G-d has blessed me with 7 children, a dedicated husband, along with goats, chickens, fig, olive, pomegranate trees, and grape vines. 


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